Sunday, July 15, 2007

Reality check post cruise

Wanted to check in and let everyone know we made it back safely from our big cruise adventure. Throughout the week, I'll be back posting some musings on the cruise. For now, I'll just give a few comments on being back in the real world.

Before the cruise I kept hearing from previous RFamily cruisers how wonderful it was to be on vacation in such a safe environment. I understand that many families struggle to be who they are in their community. Personally, we don't have those issues as we have many GLBT families and opened minded straights. Our daughter is lucky to be in a progressive school where two moms isn't all that unusual and our PTA has 2 of the 4 officers that are lesbian. So coming from that place, I really wasn't expecting to be in need of those freedoms that others just don't have. Now upon returning from the trip I can see what folks mean, but with a slightly different perspective.

Tonight, Debra and Sofie picked me up at my place to head to one of Sofie's favorite restaurants, Red Robin. It wasn't until then, did I realize what we had on the cruise. Sitting there, noshing on my burger, I looked around and noticed that all the families were straight...well, at least I think they were. My point is that we weren't obviously surrounded by GLBT families. Culture shock! Now we are back in Kansas North Carolina, Dorthy.

We live our lives daily by going to work, sending Sofie to school/camp, having family outings, dealing with cancer treatment/recurrence, feeding the cats, paying bills...everything that "straight" families do. So why do we get treated so differently by a large part of the world? During the cruise I attended a workshop on blogging that was presented by two long time bloggers, creators of Republic of T and Mombian. A key message they brought to the table was about being out in the mainstream. I think I've done a good job of doing that, but now I know I can do more...and I intend to do that! I'm going to join some mainstream blogs/communities and subtly infiltrate with my lesbian-parent self! My posts may become more political, too. I'm not sure what changes I'll make, but I know, now more than ever, it's time to do just that.


Dana said...

Thanks, Jamie. I'm glad the seminar inspired you. Thanks for being part of it. Hope you had a good trip home after the cruise.

terrance said...

Ditto what Dana said! I'm glad you came away from the seminar wanting to more. That's what we hoped would happen. Maybe it's a way of taking what we experienced on the cruise and making it more a part of everyday life.

Thanks for coming, and it was great meeting you on the cruise.