Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Weekend o'fun

Sofie and I had a very busy weekend fitting in way too much fun. Friday evening we had spontaneous dinner with Angela and Annette at Fuddruckers. Then even more spontaneity happened when they came over and hung out and we had pie and coffee. I'm really grateful they came over because while they were there, my back that had been slightly bothering me last week, did a full on "go out on me" while we were just sitting there eating pie. I literally couldn't get out of the chair! So they cleaned up the plates, loaded and started the dishwasher and left me with a very sleepy kid. Unfortunately, I couldn't even put her to bed so she had to do it herself. I took two pain pills, iced my back and went to sleep.

Waking up on Saturday, I realized I was in a bit of trouble and needed to figure it out. Sofie and I had a huge weekend planned and I couldn't let her(or my dad) down because my back hurt. I called my new roomie who's also my acupuncturist and asked for a treatment on my back. She happily obliged. Sofie and I headed over to her place and she stuck a million needles in my back...okay, not a million, but if you would have heard the exclamation that came out of Sofie's mouth when she saw all the needles you would have thought there were at least a million! After stretching, poking, pulling and twisting Sofie and I were off on our big adventure.

First stop, Snaketakular!! We'd been looking forward to this event for a few months. It's an annual occurrence at the Greensboro Natural Science Center, so I'm sure we'll go back next year, too. Grammy met up with us so she could see all the snakes, too. A local herpetologist/venomologist brought 40 venomous snakes for display. He has a great variety of snakes. We saw a black mamba, green mamba, many rattlers, many variations of cobras, several constrictors and boas. I was amazed that the only thing between us and some of THE most deadly snake in the world was a piece of Plexiglas! At the end of the line they had some non-venomous snakes out to see and Sofie petted a Ball python:

After an afternoon of snake saturation and the acquisition of yet another stuffed animal(fox) and snake book, we headed over to Grammy and PePaw's...my dad and step-mom's place. Before cooking, Daddy and Sofie got the boat ready for our Sunday adventure. It was so cute seeing her hang out and help my Dad. Reminded me of me as a kid, always helping and learning stuff from Daddy! He was planning on cooking a belated birthday meal for me. As usual, he didn't disappoint! Boneless ribs on the grill, fried squash, broccoli salad, corn on the cob and a homemade lemon pound cake. My mouth is watering just thinking about those squash...yummy. With full tummy's we sat down and Sofie watched, for the first time, ET. She loved it and later, after we'd gotten into bed I mentioned how ET always makes me cry. She had a shocked look on her face and asked "Why?" I explained about sad tears and happy tears and that this movie had both. She got a sheepish look on her face and said, "Me, too!! You know when I was burying my face in my blankie?!?! I was hiding my tears." I told her that she never had to hide her tears and that crying during movies was completely natural! That seemed to please her and off to sleep we both drifted.

Sunday morning we woke up and the first thing out of her mouth..."Today is fishing day!!" She popped out of bed and immediately got dressed. PePaw was cooking bacon and pancakes for breakfast. I just have to put it out right here...my daddy makes the BEST pancakes, ever. No mix from a box...real batter. Sofie had a great description..."They're squishy" ...light, fluffy and they soak up the syrup. Mmmm, mouth is watering again. After breakfast we piled into Daddy's truck and headed from the river. Sofie experienced a few "firsts" that day.

First time driving a boat:

First time fishing and catching her first fish:

First time jumping off a boat and swimming in a river:

We all had fun. She and Daddy fished. Daddy actually caught the first fish seconds after tossing the line into the water. It happened so fast that as he pulled the line back up I exclaimed, "Is that a real fish?!?!" One of my finer brain moments, I must say. Uh, of course it was a real fish! After Sofie caught her first and only fish, she became quickly bored with fishing so she swam, built snake castles out of sand/mud, jumped off(and jumped and jumped and jumped...) the back of the boat. We had a picnic lunch on the boat. Next time we'll take a grill and cook hot dogs on the shore and play more in the water. I was under prepared for this trip. I didn't even bring a bathing suit for me! Next spring, we'll be much more prepared for more boating adventures. I've already invited some friends to come along!

No matter how unprepared I was, I think this says it all:

Sofie had plenty of fun times.

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demiurgicpoet said...

Hey Jamikins.
That picture of a pooped-out Sofie says it all! Glad y'all had fun. Glad your back's better too.

PS Annette says hi