Sunday, September 9, 2007

Ghosts and Angels

Sofie said to me this morning, "Did I tell you what G said to me the other day at school?" (G is the initial of one of her school chums) "You mean about a ghost biting her?" I respond. Yep, that's it. So we continued that conversation. G told her she saw a ghost on the playground and that it bit her on her hand. Interesting, I say. I asked Sofie if she believed her or if she believed in ghosts? "Do you?"...which has been her retort often when I ask her opinion lately. "I asked first." She told me she thought there were only good ghost, not bad ones that would bite or hurt you. That's reasonable. I gave her my side of what I believed and that lead to another topic of angels.

She knows that I have have an angel hanging from my rear view mirror that reminds me of my grandmother who died a few years ago at the young age of 99. I've always felt she was one of my angels. Someone who watched out for me. I told Sofie that. She pondered that a bit and said, "So if your mom dies then they'll always be around as an angel?" Yes my dear, there will always be angels protecting you. She seemed comforted and as quickly as we started that conversation she changed the subject to the patterns and colors that are on my bedsheets.

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