Monday, December 11, 2006

Please take with food

What happens when you take ALL your medications, don't eat breakfast and rush off to church? Well, if you're me, you pass out. It clearly states on one of my pain meds, "TAKE WITH FOOD." I love to buck authority...not really...I just wasn't thinking.

I was really enjoying Don's sermon on "'Tis better to give than recieve"...unfortunately, I don't remember much about yesterday's service. I think I was pretty out of it before I even sat down. Definitely not feeling myself. All I know is just before the offeratory, I thought I was having a hot flash. I looked over at Debra and she said, "It'll pass." Well, it didn't but I certainly did! Not dramatically, mind you. Just simply laying down on the pew. I did have this quick thought of needing to get out of the church because I was too hot. Thankfully, I didn't!! After the escape thought, I just went out. I woke up with approximately 20 smiling/concerned faces looking down at me. My head was in as strangers hands and they were asking questions of me. "Where was I?" "Did I eat breakfast?" Apparently a couple of people called 911. The paramedics/fire people arrived, took vitals, talked to me. Recommended that I eat a FULL breakfast. Kimberly, Matt, Joy and Susan volunteered to take Sofie for the afternoon so Debra could take me to breakfast and then make sure I was okay. A big shout out to them. We have wonderful friends and everyone at ERUUF was so thoughtful and concerned!

After a hearty breakfast, I went home, napped and felt much better. I felt well enough to join in birthday festivities for my dear friend Kim. Low key, fun, good food and nice people. Just a great way to end the weekend. Happy Birthday, Kim!!

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