Sunday, December 10, 2006

For the Christmas Impaired

I've never been one much to celebrate or decorate for Christmas, especially as an adult. Call me Ebeneezer or say "Bah Hum Bug"...go ahead, I've heard it all. I don't remember at what point in my life Christmas became so taxing. Maybe it was after my parents divorced and I had to "choose" between holidays. Maybe it was after that, when I came out as a lesbian and put a self imposed divide between me and my family. Guess it doesn't really matter how or when, just that it occurred naturally and over time.

Add a kid to mix and see how long the Christmas Blahs last! This is the first year that Sofie has taken a *real* interest in the holidays. She's very aware that she has a mixed family. One Jewish Mom and One not Jewish/not very Christian mom. Sofie knows she gets to celebrate Hanukkah AND Christmas and she's thrilled about it...what 6 year old wouldn't be?

A few weeks ago, she reminded me of the "Christmas" Tree that I had a few years ago that lights up by itself. (Fibre optic, table top, kitch!) She wanted to rush home and put it out. So we did...five minutes later, a tabletop tree adorned the livingroom in my condo. Now what? She was a bit distraught that I didn't have lights, but understood that I didn't really have trees or a yard to decorate.

Later that week, after she was back at Debra's house, she argued with her that she's both and that she SHOULD be able to have lights. Debra succumbed, but tried to opt for white lights only. Sofie empathically stated, "No white lights, only COLORS!!" So the search began. The Jewish mom who had never decorated outdoors, was now tasked with finding lights that satisfied Ms Sofie's requests. Debra did a great job and Sofie has taken those lights as her personal responsibility. Just last week, I was dropping her off at Debra's when suddendly, her door opened and she hopped out of the car. Luckily I had stopped and was already parked!! She ran over to the plugs for the little trees she and Debra decorated. After plugging them in, she beamed(brighter than the lights on the tree.)

That my friends is Christmas for the celebratory challenged!!

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