Wednesday, December 20, 2006

On writing and "The Story"

Today, as I rushed out to grab lunch, I was fortunate enough to catch today's airing of "The Story", a locally produced but nationally syndicated show on NPR. The guest and subsequent discussion hit home with me. I wrote in saying so, which is something I never do.

Here's what I wrote:

What a pleasure it is to hear Dick Gordon so caringly draw the stories out of everyday people. All stories deserve to be heard, however, often folks don't quite know how or what to tell. Mr Gordon brings mastery and sincerity to his profession. The amount of tears, laughter and ontemplative sighs that the stories evoke are awe inspiring.

I want to *thank* him and especially the guests who are professional writers for evoking ideas and encouraging this particular writer who struggles daily with telling her story...or those stories surrounding her! The show today discussing Sarah Ruhl's obvious love for her craft literally rubbed off on me, inspiring me to write in and to continue my daily writing, however painful it is.

One idea came to mind for a potential story. Blogs. Weblogs are used in a multitude of ways. Often very personal stories are out there for the world to see and read. Some blogs develop a "following", but often those are political or socially aware minded folks who have an agenda. The blogs I love to read are those who are human interest in nature. Humans seem to have a need to tell stories, however mundane they may seem. The ironic part is...they're not mundane. Stories have a way of reinforcing our own existence, trials and tribulations.

Initially, I resisted writing my own blog, fearing boredom from the webworld. After being diagnosed and starting treatment for Cancer, I decided to make my "private" blog available to friends and family. Months ago, I started an anonymous blog that I used to vent, process and write about a personal relationship I had. That blog is still out there, but I don't write on it anymore. I've moved on, creating another blog that doesn't diss anyone (except ME occasionally!)

Blogs are the newish face of human stories. I have fanciful ideas that my 6yo daughter will one day be searching the Internet (or whatever it'll be called then) when she's a teen or older and stumble upon my blog or her other mom's blog. Seeing just how much she meant to us at that point in her life when she had two bald moms who were both going through treatment for Cancer.

Just a bit of my story. Wishing for continued success for "The Story" in the coming years.

Personally, I don't care if they respond or even read the letter. Just telling my friends about it is enough for me. If you've haven't had a chance to hear this show, go online, download it to your iPod, listen however you can. It's worth it.

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