Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Suspended Disbelief

I love that time in a child's life where the lines of fact and fiction blur. Santa is a prime example. The trust and awe that Sofie is experiencing right now is incredible to observe.

On Sunday, Sofie came to stay with me for a few days. It's a mixed bag of reasons, but one was so we could do Christmas before she and Debra head to California for the holidaze. After a very hectic weekend of parties and festivities, Sofie arrived at my house ready to open more presents. "Santa" had gotten her something that I knew she'd want to play with for longer than we had that evening, so I diverted her attention to the boring presents(clothes, books, art supplies) I had gotten her. I did, however, point to the pile of presents wrapped differently. I explained that because he knew she was going to be out of town for Christmas Eve, Santa sent a couple of his elves by with a few presents for her. I can't begin to describe how wide her eyes and mouth became. Ah, the joys of suspended disbelief!

We waited until last night when I thought we'd have a bit more time for her to play to open Santa's gifts. Being in the know, I directed the order of opening. First her stocking with a Scooby Doo cup and straw, her very own Chapstick and a bit of candy. She was pleased but quickly tore through the next box...the BIG ticket item! Her very own video game! That's what she kept saying over and over..."my very *own* video game!!" Her final two gifts from Santa were cartridges for her "video game"...Scooby Doo(math, reading, logic, spelling) and Shrek (more of the same.) Ah the sneakiness of Santa! A learning tool that's FUN?!?!

This morning, I explained that kids at school may not believe her when she tells them that Santa visited her already. I advised her to stick to her guns and assure them that he knows ALL and really wanted to make sure that she got her presents on time. When I dropped her off at school, she ran over to one of friends proudly exclaiming, "Santa came and I have my own video game now!!" I saw a bit of disbelief in the other child's eyes, but Sofie explained and the disbelief washed away. All was well with the world. I'm worried that a 3rd grader will burst her little Santa bubble today, but I feel confident that she will hold to the truth as she knows that Santa knows and sees everything.

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