Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Round 2 and all is well

Tuesday was Round 2 of chemo for me. My friend Angela volunteered to be my Chemo Buddy for the day. Lucky for you, she brought her camera, so you get to share in the experience, too. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware enough to take pictures of our cribbage game. Something I'm now addicted to and I'm teaching myself to play to be better next time!

The morning went incredibly smooth. All appointments were on time and the medicines dripped out of their bottle and bags at an appropriate pace and all was well. Angela journeyed down to the cafe and gathered sustinence for our long morning. We played cribbage until I just couldn't keep my eyes open due to a Benedryl give pre chemo. I was sitting under an incredibly bright light, so ingenuity took over in my out of it state of mind and here's how I slept for a while:

Unfortunately, I slept too long and we only got to play one game of cribbage and that left Angela to fend for herself for much of the time. I'm glad I brought Debra's book, Cancer Vixen along. It's a hoot and highly recommended and it kept Angela entertained.

After leaving Chemo Central, Angela dropped me off at Tracey and Sharon's house. Angela checked out and loved ALL the colors of the house...even the bedroom! She left after a quick house tour and Tracey treated me to a wonderful massage. As she was finishing up, Sharon came home and Tracey headed out to massage other folks. Sharon and I hung out, watched Al Gore on Oprah, ate Turkey soup, a sleeve of saltines and pound cake. After some quality friend time, she drove me to Harris Teeter to pick up the good drugs and off to home I went.

After a lovely soaking bath, I anticipated drifting off to sleep and waking up refreshed the next day. My body, however, had another plan. After a difficult time falling asleep by midnight, my burning stomach woke me up at 3a. After a few tums, tossing and turning and some time online, I feel asleep by 6a. I woke up just in time to get dressed for my acupuncture appointment.

Today has been back and forth with my nurse about controlling this stomach ache that's not nausea. Her suggestion was Ativan. So, here I sit in an Ativan induced state writing about life. Maybe it's time I give up this post and turn in for the night. More later.

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