Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Parenting and Chemo

The original title idea was "Bad Parenting and Chemo," but I decided I'm not being a bad parent intentionally...just a parent who's going through chemotherapy and does bad things occasionally.

The bad started when I picked Sofie up from school yesterday. All the kids in her group were lined up at the door, because we know how well schools love children in lines!! I noticed some of the kids had paper masks. Before I even got a chance to ask Sofie where her mask was, three different children yell out, "Sofie's mom...uh, all the good kids got masks and the bad kids didn't. Ask Sofie why she doesn't have a mask." (I swear I heard a kid think, nah, nah, NA nah nah!) Before it was out of my mouth, I asked about it...regretting it as the words came falling out. (I honestly didn't care about some way they chose to differentiate "good" vs "bad" kids!) I was pleasantly surprised when one of the boys actually said, "I think Sofie is not bad...she is wonderful." How cute. Sofie didn't like the confrontation and of course denied any wrong doing. I dropped it...until we got to Debra's. My nosiness got in the way. Only curious about what the "crime" was that prevented her from getting a mask, I pushed a little. Explaining we weren't mad, just curious. It didn't fly. I still have no idea, and really don't care.

We had stopped by Debra's to check on her, help her out with any heavy lifting and take her to get cat litter for the extended absence. Sofie was a little bummed because she had visions of video games nestled in her head. Luckily, the neighbor kids were jumping on Sofie's trampoline, causing temporary amnesia from any other things.

I went inside and quickly hit a wall. I was so incredibly tired and just wanted to sleep. (It seriously happens that quickly!!) We decided I'd get the litter later and Sofie and I head home for an evening of pizza making, video gaming and all the other activities associated with being six.

We had fun making our very own pepperoni pizzas, playing games and eating dinner. Then I a serious way. I couldn't hold my eyes open anymore and it was only 7PM. Instead of bathing, reading and doing other parental duties, I pandered to my own needs. (Here's where the bad parenting begins...with creativity of course.) Sofie wanted to watch a movie, which usually doesn't happen on a school night. I saw an opportunity and ran like the wind. We played "movie theatre" using the TV in my bedroom as the screen. We got cozy in PJ's after brushing teeth(one parenting duty accomplished) and snugged down in my bed. We proceeded to watch the movie and I quickly fell asleep. When the movie ended, Sofie woke me up saying, "I want to watch the extras!!" ABsolutely NOT! Off went the TV, I rubbed her back and tummy and Ms Sofie was asleep(yes, in my bed) in 5 minutes.

To pry her out of bed this morning, I gave her a special treat. A little time with her video game since she wasn't going to be her for awhile. I'm glad I did. The Shrek game uses an actual clock face to teach telling time!! She did well, once I explained what it all meant. So we had a bit of learning this morning after a night of bad parenting.

Off to school we went for her last day before the break. I was feeling a little guilty about last night, especially that Debra now has to bathe her, but I know in my heart it could have gotten worse if I didn't play it out the way I did. The skills of parenting are still enriching me daily and giving in sometimes is skill most parents I know utilize.

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