Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The end of treatment (A 41 year olds perspective)

Today, I had my very last round of chemotherapy. It was touch and go whether I'd have the treatment today because a few of my blood counts were too low. However, Dr. Valea said it was okay since it was my last treatment and he wanted to keep me on schedule. Whew, that was close.

I have to say that the period of time between treatment 5 and 6 were indeed the worst mentally and physically. It was as if my body decided she was tired of all the crap going in my body. The latest reaction was from my Procrit. Edema(swelling) in my hands and feet. I walked in today day and said I was just feeling "puffy." Dr. Valea agreed and said it was water retention from the Procrit and from any other chemotherapy related drug I might be taking!! Teri, my nurse asked today if there were any drugs I *didn't* have a reaction to. I laughed and then asked if there was any correlation between patients who have odd side effects and effectiveness of treatment. She thought it was a good question, but said it can go either way. I was satisfied with that answer...it was coming from a small spot of paranoia since Debras' recurrence!

Debra came to the Treatment room and hung out with me today. Actually, she watched a movie on my laptop, while I slept! (If you haven't rented it, please see Jesus Camp and be prepared to be pissed off at these people who are brainwashing kids.)

My nurses are so wonderful. The picture that will be below when I find the USB cord for my camera,is of my nurse today, Marcella(on the left) and then me in the middle, then my most favorite nurse, Kathy(on the right.) Sofie thinks she looks like Delma. I wonder if all Cancer nurses look alike!! They were very sweet. Kathy gave me a card...she calls me her Lamikins, so on the card she drew a lamb and wrote, "Bah Bah Bye Bye" and other lovely words! And the group gave me(and I suspect many others going through their final treatment and framed photo and quote..."In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer. Albert Camus"

So, all in all my final treatment went well. I'm glad their over. Now I can feel better and really help out with Sofie AND Debra. And remember faithful readers, please keep Debra in your prayers.

Love you all for being wherever you are.

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demiurgicpoet said...

Hey, it's a picture of our favorite nurse! Too cool! (And she really does look lik Delma)