Friday, February 9, 2007

Rest, thanks and managing others

Thanks to Laurie being at Debra's taking care of Debra and making sure Sofie is doing well, I've gotten some great rest this week. (Also a big thanks to Maya, Laurie's daughter, for being around over the weekend and beginning of the week, giving Sofie some attention and fun she may not have gotten otherwise.)

I've had a realization this week. I'm in major control mode. Not sure what that's about, but I seem to need to control how other's are around me. I won't go into details, just know that I'm aware of it and trying to work on it.

Today is Debra's birthday. Going to a movie and back to her house for some mysterious cake. I hope it's a fun day for her...she deserves it.

Pain and nausea set in earlier this round. Trying to keep it under wraps. The rest is are the drugs.

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