Monday, February 5, 2007

The awareness of a 6 year old

Life continues to be crazy, but it seems to be settling down a bit. This past Friday, I brought all my things back to my condo that had accumulated from my 2 plus week stay at Debra's. It's amazing how much you stuff builds up when you just pick up items here and there! Debra is feeling better, slowly.

Sofie continues to become more aware of what's happening. Just this past Saturday evening I went over to Debra's to help out before I drove to the airport to pick up Laurie and Maya (Debra's helpers for the week.) I walked in during the middle of a little tiff between Debra and Sofie. It's hard to walk in and be supportive of both of them, but I really try. I took Sofie into her room and we chatted about things. She gets very defensive about things so I try to be sensitive. I listened to her with open ears. As gently, yet firmly as possible, I start talking to her about trying to be a little less argumentative and more cooperative with Mama Debra. I continued to explain that Mama Debra gets tired and a little crabby because of the treatments and she's taking the treatments so she'll get better. Sofie's response, "Mama Debra's not going to get better." Gulp. I actually burst into tears trying to explain that's not necessarily true. Unfortunately, I don't remember what I told her. I'll just have to trust that whatever I said was the right thing. Trusting myself...I'm having to do that so much more these days.

I'm facing my next to last chemotherapy tomorrow. I'm SO looking forwarding to this ending. Returning to a normal life looks very appealing to me...although my life will never be the normal that existed prior to Cancer. Life will be whatever it is...I just want chemo to be done!

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