Friday, February 23, 2007

Hitting a Wall

Well, I've finally succumbed to chemo related fatigue. I've been fighting it for the past two or three treatments. Weekly, since mid January, my nurse calls and tells me my blood levels. A few weeks ago, I started getting shots for low white blood levels which has definitely helped with those levels. She also told me my hemoglobin and hematocrit were down too. However, she left the decision up to me whether I need a shot for that, too. I declined for a few weeks since I was feeling fine. Well, that suddenly changed this week. It was a simple task that pushed me over the edge...taking out my garbage!! I literally walked down 3 flights of stairs, across a parking lot and back again and realized I needed a nap and could barely catch my breath!! I immediately called my nurse, who scheduled my Procrit injection for today. It'll take a week or so before I experience the joys of more oxygen in my red blood cells, but that's fine. I anxiously await feeling better...soon!

I also made the decision to stay out of work until after my last treatment...which is Tuesday...can hear the cheering now?!?!?! Debra's accompanying me to my final appointment to hang out. I'll bring my laptop so she can watch a movie if I'm out of it. I've had such wonderful treatment at Duke, I'm going to miss the nurses but not the drugs coursing through my veins!!

As I've said before...thanks to EVERYone for their support and love and prayers and whatever else you've provided through this time. Please continue whatever you can while we continue with Debra on her journey. Love and hugs to everyone!

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