Saturday, February 17, 2007

One in Three

When you're diagnosed with Cancer your life changes forever. And anyone who challenges that who hasn't been diagnosed or touched by cancer, I beg to differ. Last night, I spent time researching support offerings for kids who have a parent with Cancer. I saw a segment on The View yesterday about a young woman who, as an adult, started a club for kids who have lost a parent to Cancer. Her story was inspiring and made me wonder about other types of support for kids with ill parents. We've already got the ball rolling for Sofie to attend Camp Kesem this summer. Fingers crossed that she gets selected. Camp Kesem is a sleep away camp for kids who have a parent with Cancer. Kesem, by the way, is the Hebrew word for "magic"...and it sounds like this camp is a magical experience for all the kids that attend. I just wonder if we're doing enough for her right now.

This morning, I read a book review in the New York Times Health Section about a book called One in Three. The author was inspired to write it after his father died from Cancer. The title refers to the fact that one in three of us will develop Cancer within our lifetime. I don't know where that fact comes, but it sounds correct to me. The book sounds like it has interesting historical and personal stories around this illness. However, I doubt I'll read it right now. Living it is enough for me at this point.

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