Tuesday, February 6, 2007

One more to go!!!

Today, I reached a milestone of sorts. I scheduled my last round of chemotherapy today. It was odd an feeling, knowing that I'd just scheduled my last routine visit to Morris Cancer Clinic at Duke...not that I won't be going there at least every three months for the next 3 years for checkups, CT scans, blood work and etc!! Don't get me wrong, I'm looking very forward to ending the poison coursing through my veins and getting back to a semi-normal life.

I arrived at my appointment in a kind of an internal state of panic. They gave me a questionnaire to fill out that I hadn't filled out before. It's given to patients going through chemo or radiation to track symptoms and side effects that are going on. As I perused the list, and checked the boxes, I realized I was kind of freaking out that my cancer might return. So, I spoke with Dr. Valea and Teri, the nurse about what's going on in the area of side effects. Every thing that I described was explained in a different way by Dr. V. The pain I was experiencing is the type of pain I'd have if Cancer recurred, it's normal healing pangs/twinges. He explained what he'd expect, where the pain or difficulties would occur. My blood pressure was high...again related to chemotherapy or actually the steroids I'm taking. We talked about a few other things and I left the appointment feeling much better.

Up to the chemotherapy lab I go. I get a great nurse this time, Bill. Still not as funny as my favorite nurse, Kathy, but he did great. I was in and out without a hitch. I slept soundly during the majority of my 3 hour Taxol treatment and according to Debra and Laurie who were just across the way while Debra got her treatment and another transfusion, I was snoring quite contently! :-)

Tracey arrived as I was finishing the Taxol and starting the Carboplatin (a much shorter drug delivery time!) We chatted and had a good time. We started heading home and I decided I didn't want to be home alone, rather I'd prefer to rest on their couch. Sharon was going to take me home after she got home from work. When she walked in the door, I knew this was going to be a problem and after she was sleeping soundly on the couch I knew it nearing impossible. I quietly crept into another room and called Val. She lives close to Sharon and Tracey. I explained was was going on. The more important issue was I was feeling nauseous and needed to eat. She agreed without hesitation to pick me up, take me to dinner and drop me at home. We had an odd outing at Elmo's...odd because we had weird, not very friendly waitress. It was fun catching up, so that was the good part of the evening.

I continue to be thankful for everyone's love and support for me and Debra and Sofie. We're basking in love, support, prayers and all that stuff. Just know it's greatly appreciated!

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