Saturday, February 17, 2007

Oh school, do you forgive me?

When I picked Sofie up from school yesterday, I knew I had the task of undoing something Debra had told her earlier that day. Debra told her that Monday was a holiday(which before the snow day it was) and that there would be fun activities that day. We found out Friday afternoon that Monday was indeed a make-up day.

Sofie and I are driving along and it goes something like this:

Me: "Honey, did they tell you today that you have school on Monday?"

Sofie: Disgusted..."Yes!" "I thought it was a holiday."

Me: "Well, it is, but because of the snow last week, you guys have a make-up day. That's the downside of having snow days!"

Sofie: After pondering a bit..."So the school has to forgive the snow?"

In my chemo state of mind it took me a minute to even get what she had just said and how funny it was. Ah the American English language...I'll guess I'll spend the next several years explaining the nuances of certain words.

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