Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tired and a little on edge

It seems like I haven't gotten the rest I've needed over the past few weeks and it's starting to show. I feel myself getting rundown and fighting off a cold again. Over the weekend I felt energetic like I normally do going into my 3rd week post chemo. However, it's starting to change. Is it the cumulative chemo or is it just over doing it?

I've been lectured by several friends...okay, not lectured, but it's been highly suggested that I need to take care of myself, even if that means not taking care of Debra and/or Sofie. That's a pretty hard thing for me to do, even when I know it's true. It's just that I wasn't the one who almost died last week due to pulmonary emoboli! I was the one who took care of Sofie and made sure Debra had what she needed in the hospital. I spent time with her each day so she wouldn't be lonely in the hospital and enjoyed doing that.

I'm just really tired and starting to get cranky. I have an earache and it feels like my head is going to pop off. I'm staying at Debra's to help out until the weekend. Unfortunately, I'm feeling more in the way than anything else. I also had things scheduled 3 out of the 5 nights this week, so how helpful am I really? Just mulling it all over.

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