Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Round 4, down...with a hitch or two!

Yesterday was round 4 of 6 for my chemotherapy. The day usually goes fairly uneventful. This treatment had *doom* written on it from the time I had results of my last blood draw!

First of all, a BIG "Shout Out" to Angela, for staying above and beyond any duty and to Sharon for coming in to relieve Angela from the most boring, longest day at Duke known to humans(well at least this human.)

Apparently Power Ports (the brand of port-o-cath I have) have some issues. One issue being that a clot of sorts can cause blood not to flow properly through the tube (or something like that.) Because of this situation with the Port, I was at Duke from 8a until 630p!! Loooooooooonnnnnnnnnggggggg day. Filled with frustrations. Fortunately there was one Nurse who was persistent and seemed to be a miracle worker with ports. After two injections of a clot buster, various body positions (one that included putting me on my head in my bed) and lots of coughing and head turning, Nurse Anita had one last trick up her sleeve. Sitting up, bending forward as far as I could seemed to be the thing that freed that damn clot! If that hadn't worked, chemo would have been delivered through an IV and I would have had to have radiology investigate the port. The IV would have made Jamie a very unhappy puppy.

Chemo finally went off without another hitch and I left with Sharon. We delivered some stuff to Debra's and hung out a bit checking up on her and Ms. Sofie. After that visit, Sharon and went to Satifactions for some good food. We amused ourselves by talking about Basketball! We joked that if the ACC women's teams weren't as good as they were this year, we'd be having meaningful conversation! It was nice to have a conversation that didn't involve Cancer, mortality or anything along that line.

Woke up today with a slight stomach ache. But all seems well. Thanks everyone for the love, support, prayers you're sending to me, Debra and Sofie. It's all very much appreciated...even if we forget to say so.

Love to everyone.

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