Friday, December 1, 2006

Cold Running Creek and Baldness

Last night I enjoyed the company of Angela and Annette for a quick bite at the Mongolian restaurant on Ninth St. We met there to quickly eat, then we headed up to the independent bookstore for a reading. My friend and writing goddess teacher woman Zelda, just self published her second novel. This was her first reading since publication. I had read her first novel and enjoyed it, although the subject matter was a little difficult to read. I wasn't sure what to expect from the second novel, but I wanted to be supportive and attend her reading. I'm really glad I did. She's a great reader. I admit, I haven't been to that many readings, but I have gone to some. I loved the way she read each character in a unique voice. Her enthusiasm and general presence made the reading fun. Afterwards the question and answer period was quite informative, too. Zelda is someone who I see really sticking to her convictions. It may have not always come easy for her, but she practices what she preaches and I admire that in her.

It's always interesting to hear what goes into creating a story...the blood, sweat and tears that were poured into this story became quite evident as she talked about the process. Her answers were genuine and real and the subject matter is fascinating. To read more about it, go here:
Zelda's books You can read about Fifth Born, her first novel, too.

Something interesting happened at the reading. I wasn't the only bald woman there! I was the only bald woman due to chemotherapy, however not the only bald head. I wonder if it's cultural thing, since I've seen several African-American woman with hair shorn as closely as mine and they don't seem to surprised by my baldness. There baldness seems to be by choice and so much more natural than me walking around with no hair. As a side note, every woman I've seen with little or no hair has looked beautiful! I personally think I look like my grandfather! However, I have gotten many compliments from all types of women. It's a nice stroke to the ego during a time I may not be feeling my best. I've been told that I'm "brave", "cute", "hot", "sexy" and other such things. I find it hard to grasp that I'm hot under any circumstances, but it is nice to hear while I'm sans hair. The worst thing that happened to me since the shaving was a woman followed me into the bathroom at a basketball game and looked up, went back out the door to see the sign. I heard her husband ask if she went in the bathroom because they thought I was a man. I just smirked at her when she walked back in. Have they never seen a person who's had Cancer before?!?! I'm sure that'll happen more than once, but it's something I'm unfortunately used to having happen.

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