Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tears of concern

Sofie's teacher recently emailed to let us know that Sofie had been whiny, emotional and inconsolable of late. We chalked it up to being a side effect of her new ADHD medication and said we'd check in with her doctor on her next appointment. I also forwarded the information on to Sofie's therapist, to see if she could shed some light on the situation. Boy, did she enlighten me tonight.

It seems that our little miss is concerned that "something" is going to happen while she's at school. That "something" being related to mine or Debra's health. You may remember that when she was at Camp Kesem, her bunk mate's father died while she was at camp. That memory has stuck with Sofie and anxiety is building in her little psyche. Her therapist also noted that her "play" during therapy was way too organized for Sofie. She said that she's hyper-organizing to keep order in her life...a sure sign of anxiety. Her recommendation...encourage messiness in play!! I certainly don't mind that, heck I'm a great role model for clutter and chaos. Debra will probably have a harder time with that one.

The important lesson with all of this is that it's still very important for us to be as upfront and honest as we can with Sofie. Her strength, security and stability come partially from the fact that we've been so forthcoming with her. She knows that Mama Debra isn't getting better and that she may have to be treatments forever. We haven't had a more serious talk than that, yet. I'm sure we'll have many more discussions with her and help her try to make sense of it all. Hell, we need to try to help US make sense of it all. Our girl is becoming so grown up and clued into what's happening.

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eaf said...

I am astonished at how sensitive children are to the world around them. No wonder we try so hard to protect them! I think you guys are so right to share everything with her... imagine how anxious she would be if she knew you were keeping secrets.

Sending you positive, loving thoughts!