Sunday, September 16, 2007

Birthday Bamboo

After celebrating my birthday Jamie style...hanging out at Sharon's chit-chatting with a wonderful home cooked meal and catching up on life, gossip and the world...I came home with this waiting on my doorstep:

It's from a friend from California, card said, "Hey Dude, Happy Freaking Birthday." Indeed it was a Happy Freaking Birthday. Aside from the wonderful time spent with Sharon, I also got to hang out with a favorite friend, Donetta and her cute daughter, Taylin. Donetta had a jewelry party yesterday so I went and after everyone left we hung out for awhile before I headed to Sharon and Tracey's house. My idea of a really good time all the way around. Spending quality time with good friends.

Today, a small group will gather at Debra's for Key Lime Pie...yummy...and coffee. Afterwards, Debra, Sofie and I will have dinner. Another great thing in dinner.

Right now, I'm spending quality time with myself...doing laundry and catching up on some work. Okay, that's not really quality time but it's alone time, nonetheless!! Thanks for all the birthday wishes via phone, text message and email. I'm not really feeling the birthday spirit this year, but I'm 42...what's the big deal about that?!?

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