Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Weekend chocked full o' fun

This past weekend was the first weekend in awhile that Sofie stayed at the Condo with me. She's been complaining about that fact for too long, but with all that's going on with Debra's health it was easier many times to stay at Debra's with Sofie.

I picked D & S up at RDU late Friday evening, dropped D off at home and Sofie and I continued the 3 miles to my place. She was a little jacked up from napping on the plane, so we compromised by watching a Scooby Doo to settle her down. She had also decided that she wanted to sleep in her tent in her room. I had no objections, so I made a nice cozy bed for her and random animals in her tent. She snuggled in, I read books and went to bed myself. The next morning she woke up after 8a and came in and snuggled. She reported that she couldn't fall asleep in her tent, so she ended up in her bed. Bummer.

For Saturday, we had a play date and picnic planned with Taylin, Emma and Jacob and their moms. Sofie and I started the morning with our regular trip to Biscuitville, then over to Debra's to pick up the picnic lunch. (I had NO food in my house, so Debra made a picnic for the two of us!!) I realized that Sofie and I were dressed really inappropriately for the weather. Shorts, long sleeve tshirts and light jackets. I was *freezing* sitting their talking to the other moms. Sofie didn't seem to bothered. We had a couple of fun hours of play and picnic, then everyone went their separate ways. Sofie and I went grocery shopping, then home to relax and snug in for the rest of the day. Big thunderstorms were on their way!!

Sunday, Sofie would NOT wake up. I think she finally needed to catch-up on lost sleep during her previous days at Disney. She slept so late, we missed church. We took our time and decided we'd go the NC Museum of Life and Science to spend a few hours while it poured outside. We had fun, building with Kapla blocks, looking at snakes, trying every exhibit and just hanging out in general. After the museum, off to Locopops, then home to pack up to head back to Debra's. Taylin came over so her mom's could go to the Duke Women's Basketball Banquet. The girls had fun playing and watching a movie while the thunderstorms continued.

I was glad to have Sofie time and I know that Debra was glad to have alone time. A fun weekend for all!!

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