Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Side effect resolution and a new obsession

I'm eight weeks post chemo(as of yesterday) and I'm still having a few side effects from the treatments. I assumed that once the drugs stopped, the side effects would too. Well, that was just dumb on my part!! Of course it takes awhile for the toxins to leave my system...not to mention the number it did on my bone marrow!! The worst side effect that's still lagging is nausea. It's a little bizarre to be nauseous for no reason, but I'm just riding the wave and hopefully I'll stop barfing at some point! My hair is coming in at a nice pace...although I was hoping for faster growth. Still not sure what color or texture it'll be. That's kind of the fun part, having folks guess what color it it...or will be!

In other news, I'm completely obsessed the "R Family Forum." It's a place where the folks going on the R Family Vacations can post questions, thoughts, ideas or just get to know one another. If you don't know, our little family is booked on the July cruise that will be leaving NYC on July 7th. Originally slated to go to Bermuda, the itinerary has recently changed due to the threats of some homophobic churches in Bermuda. The company made the wise decision to avoid a repeat of their Bahamas experience that frightened many children on their maiden voyage several years ago. We're all very excited about the cruise and know it'll be a fun time for everyone. We're planning on spending at least an extra day in NYC to explore a bit. I promised Sofie we'd go to the Central Park Zoo to see Roy, Silo and Tango. (The two male penguins who helped hatch an egg. In an interesting twist of events, Silo has left Roy for a GIRL penguin!! But it seems that Tango has followed in her parents footsteps and paired up with a girl!)

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