Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Cancer just SUCKS

Yesterday, within the span of one hour, I found out 2 people who's "situations" I've been following had died. I didn't personally know either one of them. One was the brother-in-law of a former co-worker and the other was a long time friend of a chorus buddy. In both cases I felt connected to these individuals, even though we'd never met or even communicated.

The brother-in-law of my friend was the one that hit home the most. He was mid forties, married and two lovely kids. His wife kept a blog that originally just started as a blog about what was going on in their hectic lives. Soon after she began, her husband was diagnosed with lymphoma. That was 3 1/2 years ago. They've had major ups and downs along the way. This last round was the saddest, though. They went through rounds and rounds of chemotherapy and at a point the cancer was "gone" which allowed him to prepare for a bone marrow transplant. In 80% of cases with transplants, the cancer is cured. The process of finding a donor can be harrowing, but they found a 10 out of 10 match in Hong Kong and they were preparing to do the transplant in the next month or so. Unfortunately, he had severe pain one day, went to the hospital only to discover the cancer was back. The doctors gave him a limited amount of time and really just tried to keep him comfortable. So, in a flash he and his families life went from hopeful to devastated. The news was good, then ultimately very bad. This is what I fear for Debra(and even in the back of my mind, me.) Cancer is the ultimate Life Suck. I hate it...a word we don't use in our family except in extreme cases. This qualilfies in my book!

The other person was a dear friend of a dear friend of mine. She'd been battling breast cancer for awhile. Our connection was Polarity. She was a massage therapist who studied Polarity Therapy with the same instructor I had. Just on that connection alone, I'm sure she was a very special person. I'm saddest for my friend Mary who was really close with her and had a long history of friendship that she'll miss.

Sorry this is a downer post...I thought I was past that for awhile. Apparently the universe had other plans. I hope the two people that have passed have found a peaceful place to exist. I'll continue to keep their families in my prayers, as it is always hardest on those who are left behind.

Peace out.

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