Tuesday, May 29, 2007

DC fun

It's been a while since I've posted. I was dealing with writer's block and an extremely busy life for a week or two. I'm back to reality and hopefully will post more regularly now.

This weekend, Debra, Sofie and I headed to DC for a fun weekend away. We started by visiting a former preschool classmate of Sofie, Alex and his family. It was great seeing them. Sofie and Alex played as if it had been no time at all since they'd seen each other, when in fact it had been 2 years. We stayed longer than anticipated and ended up having dinner with the family. All that meant that we were really late checking in to our DC hotel. That didn't really matter since we weren't really on a schedule.

We woke up Sunday morning, got ready and walked to the zoo. It was already hot and sticky by the time we arrived. Sofie complained about walking and she really wanted to get to the Reptile Discovery Center to view all the snakes. When we finally made it to the snakes, she was one happy child. The girls loves snakes! We kept walking through the zoo and got to the end, hoping to find a taxi waiting for us. No such luck, that particular exit isn't conducive to taxi's passing by, so we had to call one since I knew I was unable to walk anymore. My feet and legs were killing me and I just wanted to get to the hotel and rest! After waiting more than 1/2 hour for a taxi, we get back to the hotel, eat lunch and get ready to go poolside. It was crowded and this white girl needed some shade, so i swam with Sofie then laid in a chair UNDER my towel!! I know, freakish, but hey it's better than being sunburned.

Sofie had a great time in the pool, as she always does. She played by herself then met a girl her age dressed in an almost identical swimsuit! They played and laughed and jumped and had tons of fun. The really cool part is the little girl lives in Chapel Hill, so there are possibilities for future playdates!

On Sunday evening, while Sofie was still playing in the pool, a huge thunderstorm loomed in the heavens. We were going to go out to dinner and explore more of DC, but that didn't happen. Instead, we had room service and Sofie watched a movie. The next morning we got up, packed, ate breakfast and headed south. After driving through DC to get to proper highway, we headed for home. I had the bright idea of stopping at IKEA since we don't have one in Durham...or even in NC yet! We finally found IKEA, went inside and Sofie wanted to play in the area were kids hang out while parents shop. She had fun and Debra and I didn't have to hear her complain about how BORING IKEA was...silly child, she'll one day realize just how cool IKEA is.

After exhibiting enormous restraint and only buying a few things, we hopped in the car and headed for home. One quick stop at McDonalds so Sofie could add to her Shrek figurines collection and we're heading home. We finally got home around 6p, exhausted and ready to chill out. It was a fun weekend and now we're planning our trip to the beach the weekend school let's out for the summer. After that, a few more weeks to our CRUISE!!! Woohoo!

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