Monday, May 7, 2007

Weekend Fun

Sofie and I had a fun filled weekend. Saturday night was her downtime of watching the most humanly possible amount of Scooby-Doo she could watch. She and I laid on the couch and cuddled and watched too many episodes of Scooby. After that we watched "Ant Bully." She laughed a lot and nothing makes me happier than to hear her giggle.

Sunday, it was a cool, sunny but blustery day. We decided to go to the NC Museum of Life and Science. (Pictures are the link to the right that says, "A Day at the Museum") I can say I've never spent so much time there. Usually we go for a couple/three hours. We stayed for five...we opened and closed the place! We hadn't walked the newer nature trail that has bears/wolves and lemurs. That was fun and the lemurs cracked me up. We just had a really good day hanging out. One of Sofie's most fun things we did...hanging out in the car in the parking lot with the seats laid back and the sunroof open, just chillin'. We did it to waste time before the museum opened and she enjoyed so much she asked to do it again before we left. Too cute. After the museum, off to Locopops we went. Yummy...Pomegrante Orange for me and Latte for her.

Debra came just before dinner to pick her up so we decided to go to Red Robin for dinner as neither one of us felt like cooking! Sofie refers to it as the place with the TV on the floor. She's just happy they show Tom and Jerry cartoons while we eat. For burgers, this is a pretty good restaurant and VERY family friendly. Unfortunately, I over did it on the onion straws, causing much nausea and other things. I had a Drs appointment scheduled already. She thinks it's either GERD(reflux) or an ulcer. UGH. I just want the nausea to go away. I had enough during chemo and thought I'd be finished post chemo!!

Sofie and I just had a great time this weekend. I love the one on one time we spend together and I know she values the time, too. We continue to spoil her and that will probably come bite us in the ass one day! Oh well...I'm an only child, too. I get it.

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