Monday, June 11, 2007

Beach blog

We celebrated the end of school/beginning of summer by taking a trip to the beach. We picked Sofie up from school on Friday afternoon and headed East to the beach. I was still disoriented from the new drug I'm taking for "inner ear" stuff, so I wasn't really in the mood to be in a car for several hours, but I did okay. We stopped once for a stretch/bathroom/food break and that was very appreciated.

We arrived a little later than I expected, but still got in before dark. Sofie wanted to go straight to the beach, but had to be patient while we unpacked. My feet were a little swollen from the lymphedema, so I rested/elevated my feet while Debra took Sofie out for beach time. When they got back in, we didn't feel like doing a restaurant, so we went to my Mom's place for ham sandwiches!! (She hadn't gone to the grocery store yet, but had sandwich makings!) It was perfect, no fuss, no muss. And Sofie got to see Nana Sue and her husband, Stan, for awhile.

An exciting thing occurred while we were there!! Sofie came over, sat in my lap and was wiggling one of her bottom loose teeth. I asked her if she wanted me to pull it. "Do you WANT to pull it out?" she asked. I told her I'd be happy too if she were ready. She said yes, so I grabbed a tissue, wrapped it around that tooth and tugged. She lost her first tooth!! She didn't even cry, although she admitted later that she almost did. :-) The tooth fairy visited later that evening, after she fell asleep. Unfortunately, our night was nowhere near over with!

Around 130a, I was still awake and couldn't get to sleep. Sofie was in my bed and very wiggly, so I tried to get her over to Debra's bed w/o too much fuss. Debra was sleeping soundly, so I figured it would be fine for both of them to sleep while I tossed and turned. Nope, that wasn't in the plans. Sofie woke up with an earache...a bad one. We tried to comfort her, but nothing worked, so an hour later we were in the car headed for the Emergency room at the nearest hospital. (You can probably read Debra's blog for details on that visit) It was a pretty quick visit. She was given antibiotics and Tylenol and we went back to the hotel for a few hours of sleep.

I admit, I was really cranky on Saturday. It was hot, I was very tired...did I mention it was HOT?!?! We went to the outlet mall near us and didn't really have a good time at all. Sofie didn't want to be there because it was too hot and boring...she definitely didn't get the shopping gene that Debra and I have!! So, her crankiness, combined with my crankiness...well, it didn't add up!! We stayed a little while, shopped a little bit, had lunch and headed back to the hotel/pool. When we got back I napped a little and Debra and Sofie rested/chilled in the cool hotel room. A little while later they headed down to the pool and I joined them shortly thereafter. We hung out by the pool for a long time. Debra read, I rested and got in the pool with Sofie. After a couple of hours, I went inside and Debra and Sofie went to the beach for a "few minutes." Those few minutes turned into over an hour!! Sofie, yet again, met a kid from our local area. She must have some sort of Triangle Radar!! It was good though.

We ate a lovely, filling dinner at a really good Mexican restaurant then went home and had a nice long evening of uninterrupted sleep. Next morning we packed, headed to my mom's for breakfast...yummy. Sofie and Debra fell asleep on one of her guest beds and I took a short nap on the other. When we all awoke, Debra and Sofie headed back to the beach for one more round of sun and sand. I hung out with Mom.

The trip home was uneventful, now I have to make good on my promise to myself to purge and get rid of old clothes and get my condo organized!!

Off to clean the fridge.

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