Thursday, June 28, 2007

BEYOND excited

So, here we are, a week away from heading to NYC for a few days before our big family cruise!! To say that we're excited would probably be the biggest understatement of the year. This is coming from someone who NEVER thought she'd want to go on a cruise. I have to tell you though, I've heard so many wonderful things about RFamily cruises, that I can't imagine that it will anything less than incredible!

Preparing for this cruise has turned me into a bit of a creative monster!! For those who know me, you realize, I'm very LEFT brained analytical...I'm a librarian for gosh sakes! The creative bug bit me when someone mentioned door decorations and everyone on my obsession, The Forum, started piping up about decorating their doors. So I succumbed to my left brain rationale and have let my right brain have a little fun!! Now, those of you who may read this that are one the ain't gonna be all that! In an odd way, it'll take my analytic side(the way the door decorations will be organized) and my creative side(what I've come up with to represent "r" family.) There's a guy on the cruise who is an AWESOME scrapbooker, so I expect his door will be incredible. Ours will be amusing, thought-provoking and informative...again, I am a librarian, so information is my thing! What I expect it to do is let people who are walking by get to know our family without needing to ask all the obligatory questions. I'll take pictures, so folks can see what I'm doing. Debra gave me full creative reign on this one!!

I'm bringing the laptop, so I intend to write daily about our adventures. I doubt I'll post daily because of costs. However, once we're back you'll get to experience our adventure from my blog AND Debra's.

Right now, we're just counting the days.

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