Thursday, January 3, 2008

Durham Memorial and Celebration Information

I had a wonderful meeting with our minister, Don, today. We've scheduled Debra's Celebration of Life for Sunday, January 20th and 4p at ERUUF the Unitarian congregation we've been attending for a few years. Their website has great directions and a map at the bottom of this page. After the service, we'll have food and beverages in the Fellowship Hall.

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mamah (hannah) said...


Just wanted to let you know I'm spreading this info to KIN folks. Everyone I've spoken to sends their love and thoughts your way. Someone asked me about donations - are you suggesting Camp Kesem? Seems like I saw that somewhere.

Also, just want to echo what others here have said: you rock. You are an awesome parent - the way that you and Debra have given Sofie the love and the tools she needs to deal with this, and the way you continue to do so in such a thoughtful and devoted way, is inspiring and I am convinced that it will make a huge difference to Sofie as she works through her grief. I am astounded at how much she is already able to articulate about her feelings about it. I know these will be tough times, and my thoughts are definitely with you. May the force be with you two as you enter this new phase of your lives.