Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What the New Year brings

My New Year's posting is a day or two late...such is life!

Sofie and I rang in the New Year, actually banged in(with pots) the New Year with our friends Susan, Joy, Emma and Kate. Earlier in the evening we'd shared a lovely meal with them along with Matt,Olivia,Avery and James...Kimberly was home recouperating from a long days work. The kids had no problem staying awake but the three adults were struggling! After an entry into 2008, Sofie and I hopped into the car and headed back home. It was there that Sofie had a bout of missing Mama Debra...something that has become common place at bedtime the past several days. We cried, looked at pictures, talked about fun Mama Debra memories, laughed and cried some more. She keeps asking me if I miss Mama Debra, too. Not sure if it's for reassurance or just to make sure it's okay to miss her.

Yesterday Sofie became quickly bored with me. Heck, I was bored with me, too!! So after a lazy day at home we headed over to Jamie and Julia's for a playdate with Emma and Jacob. When we arrived there were a few other friends there,too. It was fun. Jamie did tarot readings for all the adults, while the kids played happily...and loudly! My reading was so right on target! It really feeds into how things can/will play out this year. Lessons I've learned, need to let go of and actions to achieve. Of course I'm very task oriented right now...moving from one house to another, creating a stable environment for Sofie. The key for me is to ask for the help I need. There are many people that are waiting to help out, I just need to put out the word of what needs to happen! So lesson number one...ask the people you know, trust and love for the help I'll desperately need this year!

Today, Sofie is having a playdate with a classmate which gives me time to grab some things from the condo and do grocery shopping! Tomorrow she goes back to school, and I start plodding through Debra's things to make a niche for my stuff. Fortunately, I've already had a volunteer to help with some of this tomorrow! The New Year is off to a banging success.

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kaycee said...

Jamie, Lucie would love to play with Sofie. She is out of school until Monday, so an afternoon play date would be possible. Please give us a call any time.