Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Birthday Festivities

I have been remiss in mentioning Sofie's birthday fun. Her 7th birthday was last Thursday and in typical fashion we celebrated from Thursday all the way through Sunday. No, she's not spoiled at all!!

Thursday began with breakfast at Biscuitville, Sofie's favorite breakfast place. She's becoming such the southern girl! Debra dropped her at the camp drop off spot so she could have a fun day at Camp Riverlea. The day ended with dinner out at Red Robin with the three of us and our dear friends Sharon and Tracey. Sofie scored with a two-headed snake, a tiger book, flashlight for camp and some Scooby items.

Saturday was her "kid" party at Hillsborough Sportsplex. She had a pool party with various friends from school, camps and other places. The party was fun. She had a cake with a Scooby car:

She ate chocolate cake and enjoyed it tremendously!

The kids swam for over an hour...some closer to two hours. The parents chatted and she came home a very tired, yet happy girl. Once we got back to Debra's, she whipped up a wonderful late lunch. We ate. Debra crashed for a couple of hours and Sofie and I played with her new toys/art supplies. After Debra woke up, I scooted out for home...exhausted myself. She reported that Sofie actually slept in her own bed the entire night. Swimming does a girl good.

Her final birthday festivity was PePaw and Grammy's visit(for those who don't know that's my dad and stepmom.) The came over for the day for Sofie's birthday. They took her out to lunch at Golden Corral, then to Target to pick out her gift. Debra and I shopped for school supplies while they were out having fun. After their return, Grammy was craving ice cream, so we all piled in Daddy's truck and headed to Cold Stone Creamery. Yummy. This apparently exhausted both Debra and Sofie, as they excused themselves from the livingroom and laid down for naps. Sofie's birthday whirlwind had come to an end. Good times were had by all...especially the birthday girl.

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