Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Common Women...I don't think so

I wanted to write about a special group of women. Back in the day, before I moved to California, I sang with a wonderful group of women, the Common Woman Chorus. They always held a special place in my heart, even when I lived in California. It wasn't a surprise when I re-joined the chorus upon my return to NC in 2002. I haven't sung with them in awhile, but I still remain close to many of the members. Several members kept me company, brought me food and just spent time with me while I was undergoing treatment this past year.

Yesterday, I was going through the email in a rarely used account. I was reading through an email from Equality NC entitled "See All the Beautiful Families." Apparently, a well known local attorney is having a reception to celebrate "...our families in all shapes and sizes..." To my surprise, our family is listed under the donations:

Common Woman Chorus in honor of Jamie Lamkin, Debra Kent, and their daughter Sofie as our featured chorus family

I was speechless and really touched that our family, however stranger as it is, was celebrated by my chorus members. I have no idea who's put this into play...well, I have a slight idea, but I won't embarrass her here...but it doesn't really matter. The kindness and generosity that went towards this great cause was enough for me.

As I said in an email to the chorus, they have touched a place in my heart that will forever be emblazoned with a touch of music. One day I'll return to chorus. Hopefully this will encourage Sofie to find her own voice in singing and enjoy it as much as I do.

To all my chorus friends...you are loved.

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demiurgicpoet said...

Hey dear one.
I'm relieved to hear that making this proposal without asking first was well received. Sorry I didn't alert you formally, but I learned of the sponsorship so late that I was in an e-scurry trying to get board approval by deadline and had no idea that an e-mail would go out about it.

We miss you in the second alto section, but know how busy you are taking care of things right now.

Please know how much your family is in our thoughts and how honored we are to get to honor YOU in this way.