Friday, October 12, 2007

It's OUT!!!

The surgery went great. The port is out without a hitch. Very easy procedure. I was barely sedated. Had a great team working on me. Very funny yet professional trio of a nurse, radiology tech and surgeon. The recovery nurse was somewhat of a hard ass, but I'm guessing that's her job!! She told me I couldn't email for 24 if!! Guess I shouldn't be blogging either?!?!

Earlier in the day I made sure Sofie knew how important and what this procedure meant. I even brought home the port to show her:

Purple extravaganza

I needed to make sure she knew how important this was and what it meant...I'm better, no longer sick! We "high fived" prior to me leaving yesterday morning so she'd "get it." I think she did!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that purple thing is what gave the nurses so much trouble last time? Amazing that a circle that big can elude a (somewhat) tiny needle.

Oh and congratulations and high fives fro me too!