Sunday, December 23, 2007

Life for today

A big THANK YOU to all of you sending the kind words and thoughts our way. I've saved all the voice mails and emails and will respond to all later. Right now, my focus is to make sure that Sofie has a great holiday season.

Sofie and I are starting a new chapter of our lives together without Mama Debra. We've had some very sweet discussions. Sofie's really not that sad now because in her words, "Mama Debra is in Heaven with her cat Lily, her Dad and other friends and family. And she's having as much fun as she did as a kid!" I have no idea where Sofie heard about Heaven...I haven't used it, but she must have picked it up somewhere. I'm glad it gives her the comfort she needs. Her biggest stress right now is all the people that are here.

Today, she's in her first play. It's at our Unitarian Church where they are acting out the story of Jesus' birth...Unitarian style. Not to offend my Christian readers, just know the story is told as that. In Unitarianism, we're open to many beliefs, so that fact that Sofie is playing a dog in the manger wouldn't be strange...however, she's wearing her friend Tay's Scooby-Doo costume so that might seem a bit odd to many folks. There's no poking fun, just storytelling.

Yesterday, Sofie and I tried to have a normal day. We went to Biscuitville, hung out with friends and family at the house then went to a movie. We saw Alvin and the Chipmunks, which is quite charming and funny. Afterwards we went to Red Robin with Donetta, Taylin, Jamie, Emma and Jacob for holiday festivities. After that, Sofie and I went to Donetta and Taylin's for a relaxing early evening play date and hanging out. It was just what we needed...low key, relaxing and fun.

After the play and church we head to my Dad's for an overnight. I'm sure there will be good food and laughing and loving.

We continue on, life as we know it for today.


Bonnie Sherwood said...

Way to go Jamie. You are so on top of this. If I was in your situation, I would use you as an inspiration to help me continue on.

I have now switched from reading Debra's blog to reading yours. This is so wonderful, this blog. I aim to learn how to do this myself. Thank you for setting all of this up and allowing those of us who have loved Debra and you and Sophie to continue to be a part of your lives.

Tell Sophie that many of us who haven't yet met her are thinking of you and her. We are holding you close to our hearts and sending all the healing energy we can. Time for healing is at hand. May the Universe guide you and hold you in the circle of its arms as you now hold your daughter in yours.


Rebecca said...

j - "proud of you" seems like a weird thing to be right now. maybe it's more impressed? with your ability to stay open to everything - the pain and love and sad and laughing and all of it and it seems all the time. i'm completely impressed.

...having said that... where are the pics of scooby do in the manger!!!

best love,