Friday, March 2, 2007

Extraordinary Care? Try the ER...NOT!!

Duke University Medical Center (DUMC) has a new add campaign about "Extraordinary Care. Extraordinary People." As a current patient being treated for Cancer, I couldn't agree more. However, as a friend who went with another friend to the ER last night, I couldn't agree less. I let this other friend write about her experience, but know, I was appalled with the service given there. We were there from 6p until 4am!!!

To say I'm exhausted...big understatement!!


On another note, Snake, our daughter formally known as Sofie, was the cutest snake for Book Character Day at her Elementary School today. She's recently started asking groups, like church and school to call her Snake. Debra jokes it'll be her gang name...oh please don't let that be so!! I'm still amazed that she's soooooooo into snakes, almost 3 years after she acquired Snakey, the snake that began it all!

For today's event she had originally wanted to be Pongo, who she was last year. We encouraged something different and suggested some different characters. Last year, I picked up some books in Minneapolis that were kids books with snake characters. Her favorite is a book entitled, Snake: His Story about a snake that could hear and he foiled some bank robbers by over hearing their conversation! She loves that book and below are pics of her being Snake.

Debra did a great job on the decorations and make-up. Below is a closeup of the shirt front and arms. The back had green scales. I'll try to find a picture of that, too.

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