Wednesday, March 7, 2007

*How* are you two related?

Yesterday, I went with Debra to her doctors appointment. I wanted to hear first hand what the next round of treatment was going to look like. As many of you know, we have the same surgeon. He was at a conference, so Debra was seen by one of the fellows. We've been very open about our past relationship and the fact we have a kid. Our nurse, Teri, is wonderful and supportive, as is Dr Valea. I assumed that we were the talk of the department. Those lesbians that both have cancer, we have to be an unusual situation!! So, I was a little surprised when Dr. Lee, the fellow, came in with a very confused look on her face. She actually said, "I'm very confused. Aren't you (pointing to me) a patient of ours?" She then asked, "Are you two related?" Debra quickly said, "Yes." She went on answering Debra's questions about the treatment change, then stopped again and asked, "How are you two related?" She seemed concerned that she was breaching patient/doctor confidentiality. Not sure what was bugging her, but something was. So, in sync, Debra and I said that we're ex-partners and we have a kid. And I added, "We're *that* couple." She didn't laugh, but Teri did. So, I guess, we're not talked about! You have to admit, we have to be a rarity in the Gyn/Onc world!!

If you read Debra's blog, you know they've changed her treatment. This treatment is more frequent, so I'm sure her body will get tired. I worry how this will be for Sofie. She's been such a trooper through all of this. Even when she's at her brattiest, she always comes back to that wonderful compassionate kid that she is. Sofie continues to let us know that she's looking forward to the time she gets to stay at the condo again. I struggle with this a bit. I struggle with wanting to take care of her and Debra, knowing Debra wants to spend as much time with Sofie as possible(but also knowing she needs a break!) So I will do a balancing act of having Sofie with me and helping with Sofie at Debra's. I just want Debra to have the best opportunity to fight this battle and give her all the support she needs.

Today has been "flu-like symptom" day. The Neulasta increase my white blood count, but while it's doing that, it messes with my bone marrow. I started feeling achy on Monday night coming home from picking B up at the airport. Yesterday was a little worse, but last night I felt as if my mid-section was an accordian stretched too much. I've slept most of the day and popping Tylenol like crazy. I expect I'll feel better by weeks end. Then I'll finally feel like I'm on the road to recovery.

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