Wednesday, March 21, 2007

March Madness

Well it's that time of year that many folks gather 'round the TV and watch LOTS of college basketball. Basketball is THE state sport here in NC, but it seems like other parts of the country have the March Madness Factor, too. There have been surprises throughout both the men and women's tournaments. None as big as the surprise realizing my darling daughter loves to watch basketball!! I had no idea. I've taken her to a handful of Duke Women's games over the past two years but never watched a game on TV with her. I just assumed she'd be bored or something. Well much to my joy(and probably my dad's too) she really got into the basketball games on TV last night. Once I explained which team we were pulling for(Duke in white) she really paid attention. Asking questions and uttering, "Oh, man!!" if the other team(Temple) scored. She was *so* into the game. We even let her stay up past her bedtime to watch part of the State vs Baylor game. She told me after Duke won that she kept saying to herself, "Duke is going to win. Duke is going to win." So the fact that they did had a lot to do with her mind. Okay, so she doesn't quite have cause and effect down yet, but I like that she was excited about the game and it's outcome.

Tonight was dinner out night, Sofie's choice. Her choice was Fuddrucker's...big surprise! As we were leaving, I noticed Allison Bales (the 6'7" post player for Duke) waiting for her food. I mentioned to Sofie who she was and that she played for Duke. She wanted to tell her that she saw her play ball last night so she and Debra walked over to talk to her. It was very sweet and Sofie was still talking about it as she and Debra drove off. Very cute. I'll definitely have to take her to more games next year.

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