Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bald is Beautiful

Well, I did it...actually, Sharon did it. My hair is gone and it feels great. I was sick of waiting, so I did a pre-emptive strike on Sunday. Pictures will be posted later, so go ahead and rev up those funny bones for any witty comments!!

Friends are also offering hats for the winter. I've gotten a very cool leather beret from Angela and a co-worker just crocheted a really cool wool hat for me. Since the weather has been warm this week, I've been hatless. It's really interesting the smiles, nods and general comments being bald elicits. Some have just been blatant and asked if I'm finished or starting chemo. I love that people are so forthright. I smile, nod and comment back. I'm all for human connection, whatever way it comes.

1 comment:

angela said...

Yo James.
Thanks for sending me the link; I'm so glad you're writing again!

Howzabout this tattoo for your head: "Bald. It's the new mullet." Or I'll paint it on your head if you want.

Looking forward to seeing you at the big game on Sunday. Let's play before too!