Monday, November 27, 2006

Post Thanksgiving Blahs

Previously posted November 25, 2006

Yesterday, I was feeling sorry for myself. No one called to check on me. I just felt super lonely yesterday. My parents had called the day before, but I had been out at my best friends giving thanks and eating WAY too much food!! By the time I woke up Friday, all the tryptophan had worn off and I was in a funk. Sofie called to ask if I wanted to go see the penguin movie. We chatted, she cheered me up a little...just being who she is...Debra and I chatted about how we'd make the transition, which was going to be at the movies. After making the plans I hung up, and just keep going lower and lower. I kept postponing showering and that just kept me laying on the couch, watching good, bad and indifferent TV. Maintaining a cheery, positive outlook can be a bit daunting for someone. Today was as real as I could get, however it was real and alone.

My mood has shifted dramatically since Sofie, Debra and I saw Happy Feet yesterday. Sofie is soooooooo damn cute. She sat between Debra and I. At one point, she stretched her arms out and put one on my neck and one on Debra's neck. She keeps trying to reconnect Debra and I. She's said she wished we all lived together. Apparently, her little mind has amnesia from the disagreements that Debra and I had while we lived together. We're much better friends than partners. Boundaries are kept and Sofie tries her best to breakthrough and bend those boundaries. I assume she'll get that it's for the best one day. :-)

Today, Sofie and I are taking my cat Boone over to Debra's to see if and his sister Gracie might be able to live together again. Since we separated them a year ago, they've both become incredibly needy and whiny and cry-y. Poor babies. I just hope they can live together and be happy again. I'll miss Boonie's cuddles, but I will not miss the incessant crying that occurs after I've been gone for the day.

After the cat experiment, we'll head over to a friends house for a post wedding celebration. Sofie really just wants to go for the pool(hot tub), but that's the negotiations we all make when we have 6 year olds living in adult worlds.

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