Monday, November 27, 2006

Previously posted September 21, 2006

If I were into sports, I'm sure there's some metaphor there!

I've survived week one of Radiation. No side effects to note yet. The process takes no time at all, but it occurs each day. I'm getting blasted in 4 different spots for about 10sec each. When it's over, I joke to friends that I've just gotten microwaved.


Two weekends ago, I started a Women's Writing Intensive workshop led by my friend Zelda. I've heard from way too many people that I need to write more. A psychic has encouraged me for several years to write. The last time I saw her, she encouraged me to pay attention to the synchronicity of Zelda entering my life when she did. OY!! Damn psychics!!

Since I've been living in a tunnel and not writing anything, I only had my blog to use as writing samples. I was really nervous about sharing such personal stuff with 3 women I didn't know. So, with breath held, I took a big leap of faith and just did it. The response was really good. Of course I'm a "raw" writer. But everyone was encouraging and one woman said, "I'm hooked, I want your blog address." No WAY, but it made me feel good.


Started back to work on Monday after being out 2 months. UGH. Let me just plow through the days, weeks and months until I'm finished with treatment.

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