Monday, November 27, 2006

Mind - ??? - Spirit

Previously posted on June 8, 2006

I had a very interesting revelation last night during my massage...well, actually my massage therapist did. When I got on the table, face down, I felt like my shoulders were caving inward so nothing above my waist was touching the table. Doing the ol' "protect the heart my enveloping in" posture!! I mentioned that to Tracey, my friend/massage therapist, so she started pushing my shoulders down towards the table for quite sometime. She spent an inordinate amount of time grinding my mid-back with her elbows as well. That's an area I hold stress and emotion.

Meanwhile, we're having this conversation about releasing emotions and how I really feel I need to do some serious releasing. She has a great gift of intuition as well, plus she's my best friend Sharon's partner. Anyway, she kept getting hits on words like release, tolerate, body. While were conversing about these words she had an AH HA moment. Basically, she said that I know a lot about things...I can relate things to one another and see the big picture. I know about chakras and emotions and which effects what. What I DON'T know is my body and how it relates to all of this. I'm really tied into Mind and Spirit, I'm just missing the relationship to my BODY!!! With that revelation we talked about me moving more...or at this point, at all.

Moving my body might just be the key to the emotional release I need. I tend to be very "heady" and process and keep those wheels spinning. If I could convert that head talk to body movement, I think that will be a key to release and growth. I'll let you know!

Today, I started my new ritual of eating lunch at my desk and using my lunch hour to work out.

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