Monday, November 27, 2006

Water Works

Previously posted June 19, 2006

Some know that I'm in a year long program studying Polarity Therapy. I know most folks have never heard of Polarity Therapy, so I'll just briefly describe what it is. Polarity therapy is energy-based body work that works with the nervous system, chakras/elements, nutrition, self awareness, movement and other means. A session can be transformative and healing. The focus is primarily on self-awareness leading to self-healing.

I spent this past weekend in my Polarity class studying the Water Element/2nd chakra which is, you guessed it, the area that includes the reproductive system. There was much support from my class and instructor around the process I'm entering surrounding my hysterectomy. I've really come to terms with this. In fact, I've never had issues around it. My reactions are totally reactive to societies issues about hysterectomies. Interestingly, the communities that have the hardest time with hysterectomies are alternative healers and very own communities! There's sometimes judgment around removing organs and what it will do to your "womanhood."

I've spent much time thinking about this and over the weekend, I was able to tell my story, let it be heard and feel supported around it. My relationship with my reproductive system has always been adversarial, at best. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome at the age of 19. Basically, I *never* started my period without the assistance of pharmaceuticals. It was always a pain, wondering when/if I'd start my period. Sometimes I'd have *heavy* periods for weeks, sometimes I'd have NO period for YEARS. My reproductive system = bane of my existence. Energetically, I feel my dis-eased uterus is blocking my creativity. The 2nd chakra is your creative center, among other things. I have a colleague who told me that after her hysterectomy, she started painting. Her creative block was removed! That's the sense I get intuitively about my situation. This was a lot of words to just say, I'm really okay with the hysterectomy!!

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